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Posted by Helen Loveless on Monday, April 30th, 2012 at 12:23 pm.

Young entrepreneurs battle it out in Texas to find out who is best in business

 Helen Loveless

YOUNG entrepreneurs will compete for the winning title in the final episode of CBBC show Trade Your Way to the USA this week.

The programme is aimed at finding the next generation of entrepreneurs and has seen 14 teams of 42 children, aged between 11 and 14, take part in a range of business-themed challenges.

The top two teams will now take part in the final, which will be held in Dallas, Texas,

More than 1,500 children applied from across Britain to take part. The challenges took place throughout the country and ranged from selling tropical smoothie drinks at a Caribbean Carnival, to ice cream at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

At the core of the challenges were business enterprise principles: stock buying, negotiation and sales, with each team competing to see who could make the biggest profit.

The series also moved beyond the screen and into schools this year, with a new initiative, Trade Your Way: Schools Challenge, under which TV presenter Saira Khan, a businesswoman and former winner for The Apprentice, travelled to 72 primary schools throughout the UK, including visits to Manchester, Newcastle, Bristol, Birmingham, London, Nottingham, Cardiff and Edinburgh. 

Here she gives us her top five tips to get ahead in business;

1. Have a strong work ethic be prepared to live and breathe your business everyday - hard work pays off whether you are working for someone else or whether you are starting your own business, you will achieve very little unless you are prepared to put in the hard graft.

Your efforts should result in results and get you ahead of your competition. There is no short cut to success, it is all down to the hours and energy you are putting into your work.

2. Be happy and enjoy what you are doing- the most successful people I have met really enjoy what they do, it’s what makes them get out of bed everyday looking forward to work. Money does not always make people happy, but if your prioritise what you love doing and you are the best at what you do, you will find customers and money find you.

3. Don’t be scared to take a risk and a different approach- business is all about taking calculated risks, be daring and if you believe in your abilities and feel an idea would work then put your money where your mouth is and make it happen.

4. Be open minded, understand the world you live in and travel- introducing new products, services and ideas that you have experienced and that you enjoyed or valued can give you the basis or a great new business idea

5. Be proactive have drive and a positive attitude- create our own opportunities, seek solutions to problems and always look at ways of overcoming obstacles- successful business people are always challenged and those you succeed are those who are prepared to never take No as an answer and are confident in their abilities and business