Donal’s Asian Baking Adventure

Food writer, cook and social media host Donal Skehan presents a new ten-part series exploring the growing popularity of baking and flour-based foods in Asia.

The Ozone Hole

This documentary tells the remarkable story of how Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher –the most unlikely eco-warriors in history – saved the planet in the 1980s.

Contagion! The BBC Pandemic

In this brand new event format, through the use of an app, scientists can collect a gold standard data set that will be used to predict how the next pandemic flu would spread throughout your country.

Egypt’s Great Pyramid: the new evidence

The Great Pyramid of Egypt may be humanity’s most astonishing achievement, and now the secrets are finally being revealed thanks to incredible new discoveries and a ground-breaking experiment.

Building the Worlds Most Luxurious Ship

Building The World’s Most Luxurious Ship follows a team of shipyard workers over 18 months as they battle to transform thousands of sheets of steel into a floating palace of luxury.

Eat List Star

Which chef will survive the heated competition and win the exclusive experience of being groomed to be an on-screen chef presenter?

Ready Or Not

Ready or not is a unique new comedy entertainment format which combines hidden camera prank show and play-along game.

The British Garden: Life and Death on Your Lawn

In this 90-minute documentary Chris Packham and a team of wildlife experts try to answer a fundamental question: how much wildlife lives beyond our back doors? How good for wildlife is the great British garden?

White Kid Brown Kid

This film, by Director Luned Tonderai, brings together two teenage girls growing up in these divided communities to try and better understand each other’s lives.

The Bubble Wrap Boy

Documentary following 16-year-old Mithun Chauhan who suffers from an extremely rare genetic condition which has left him with large swollen lumps all over his face and body.

The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway: The Final Countdown

The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway: The Final Countdown follows the team of more than ten thousand engineers and construction workers as they complete the brand new subterranean railway under the capital – Crossrail – London’s new Underground.

John Torode’s Korean Food Tour

Chef John Torode presents a series tapping into the growing popularity of Korean food. Travelling from the mountains, to the coast John works his way through some of the nation’s top 100 dishes.

Nelly The ‘Snakeskin' Woman

At just 32 years old, Nelly has defied odds to become the world’s oldest known survivor of Harlequin Ichthyosis – an excruciating condition which causes her skin to grow ten times faster than normal.

I Do at 92

Up and down the country OAPs are proving, that no matter how old you are, it’s never too late for love.

A Very British Brothel

Sheffield, Britain’s Steel City. In the heart of Sheffield is the so-called golden mile of sex, with the highest concentration of massage parlours in the city. But only one establishment is run by a mother and daughter team.

Erick: The Boy With No Face

In this documentary we follow as surgeons perform revolutionary surgery to build Erick a new face over 24 hours. Minute by minute we are thrown headlong into highs and lows of the complex surgery and the emotional toll it takes on all involved.

Machines Of War

The Tank, Cruise Missile and Machine Gun are the world’s deadliest weapons, but just how did they become so essential to modern warfare?

Television’s Opening Night: How the Box was Born

In a unique experiment, Dallas Campbell, Professor Danielle George and Dr. Hugh Hunt, join forces in an attempt to restage the very first official broadcast on British Television, exactly 80 years after it made history.

Granny Ink

With a shocking rise in OAPs going under the needle, we follow 5 very different senior citizens on 5 very different tattoo journeys with each inking telling its own unique story.

Operation Lighthouse Rescue

On the stunning island of Martha’s Vineyard, just off the East Coast mainland, stands a 160-year-old piece of American history that is still saving lives today – the Gay Head Lighthouse. Can it be saved, before it’s too late?

Penguin A & E

In Cape Town, South Africa the country’s only penguin is under threat. Meet the heroes who rescue more than 1500 vulnerable penguins every year, and work 24/7 to rehabilitate them.

Hidden Britain By Drone

This series with Sir Tony Robinson, you are given a bird’s eye view of places hidden from the public. In 2 hour long films you will visit Britain's newest piece of land, an aristocrat's home and villages completely erased from our maps.

Spider House

Ever wondered what spiders really get up to in your home? In this Halloween special Alice Roberts overcomes her arachnophobia to enter a spider-filled house where an astonishing drama unfolds within its walls.

Big Kitchens

Big Kitchens explores the mindboggling logistics, colossal cuisine and extraordinary characters behind the world’s biggest, most extreme kitchens and restaurants.

Race and Intelligence: Science's Last Taboo

In 2007, Nobel Prize winning U.S. scientist James Watson was quoted referring to research suggesting that black people were less intelligent than other races.

The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway

This series follows a team of more than ten thousand engineers and construction workers – close up - as they race to build a brand new subterranean railway under London – Crossrail – London’s new Underground.

Shaun Micallef’s Stairway to Heaven

Comedian Shaun Micallef adventures into worlds of extreme faith exploring Hinduism, spirit healing psychic surgery, Mormon prophets and polygamists, and Born Again doomsday preppers convinced that the end is nigh, on a quest to find the meaning of life itself.

Meet The Elephant Man

27-year-old Brian Richards suffers from the same disorder as Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man – an individual with horrific disfigurements who rose to become a celebrity in Victorian times.

Outback Choir

Outback Choir follows the heartwarming story of a regional children’s choir, and its founder Michelle Leonard’s personal mission to bring a desolate musical landscape to life.

Dreamhouse, The

3 irreverent and energetic young adults with intellectual disabilities follow their dream to fly the nest, taste independence, and share a house together for 10 weeks, an experience that will change their world forever.


Builders takes the viewer on a light hearted journey of the building trade, with great characters from all walks of life and nationalities.


Eve is the first of her kind - a sentient ‘artificial person’ who on the surface seems perfectly human.

Here and Now

Inner-city girl GRACE doesn't want to spend a week in the country helping her parents save their marriage. Country boy SAY finds Grace both obnoxious and attractive. The pair search for distraction and, against all odds, find each other.

Fearless Mr Fox

The fearless fox - exploring how the fox has become the most successful carnivore on the planet, exploiting human environments and dividing public opinion. Should this cunning critter be loved for his brazen pluckiness or vilified as vermin?

Born In The Wild

Presented by anatomist Prof Joy Reidenberg and vet Mark Evans, Born In The Wild explores the reproductive behaviours and biology of the animal kingdom.

Darcey’s Ballerina Heroines

A feast for the senses, Darcey’s Ballerina Heroines is an authoritative history of the best ballets and the finest ballerinas.

On the Piste

If you think skiing is stunning views, snow and posh people cruising down a mountain, think again! Here, it's about budget holidays and bargain booze.

Wonder of Dogs, The

No other land mammal displays such dazzling diversity as man’s best friend. It’s hard to believe that a Great Dane and a Chihuahua belong to the same species, yet they do.


EmergencyCam is a 10-part documentary, which uses cutting edge point of view body cameras to give viewers a unique and immersive look in to the working lives of those serving in the front line services.


In this 60 minute documentary we tell seven extraordinary and very different stories of people trapped in the snow.

Jonathan Phang's Gourmet Trains

In this new series bon viveur, cookery writer and style connoisseur Jonathan Phang takes us on a culinary adventure around Europe and Asia by the ultimate means of transport – the Orient-Express.