Building the Worlds Most Luxurious Ship

Documentary, Science
2x60 HD

Channel 5, PBS NOVA
Building The World’s Most Luxurious Ship follows a team of shipyard workers over 18 months as they battle to transform thousands of sheets of steel into a floating palace of luxury. The ship’s most expensive suite comes with a grand piano, a personal butler and its own spa, and costs £8,000 per night. Despite these prices, the maiden voyage is sold out long before the ship is complete. With the deadline looming, the engineers are striving to complete the £360 million super liner in time for the first cruise. Once guests are on board, will the Seven Seas Explorer live up to its promise and deliver the most luxurious experience on the ocean?

Shot across Europe and the US, Building The World’s Most Luxurious Ship follows the stories up-close, of those working hard to make this extraordinary build a success and see the dream ship sail. Spectacular drone and time-lapse photography capture the vast scale of the operation. Live-action CGI animations explore the unique engineering challenges the team faces and help to illustrate how a cruise ship works