Egypt’s Great Pyramid: the new evidence

Documentary, History
2x60 HD

Windfall Films Alibi Entertainment
CBC, France Television, Discovery Science
The Great Pyramid of Egypt may be humanity’s most astonishing achievement, but how the ancient Egyptians built this extraordinary tomb has remained an enigma. Today, the secrets are finally being revealed thanks to incredible new discoveries and a ground-breaking experiment.
These action-packed films follow scientists unearthing an extraordinary discovery at the base of the pyramid itself, a huge boat belonging to the pharaoh Khufu for whom the pyramid was built... We reveal the secrets of most ancient papyrus ever found - the journal of a pyramid builder, lost under the sand for more than 4500 years….
And we follow one archaeologist as he puts the new evidence to the ultimate test as he builds an experimental cargo boat using ancient techniques and transports a massive pyramid block down the Nile. Compelling present-tense action, meticulous investigations, and spectacular, immersive CGI reveal not just how the pyramid was built, but how that helped transform Egypt and shape the modern world.

Winner of the 2018 Canadian Screen Award for Best History Program or Series.